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Thread: superthrive

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    In summary okay, I guess I will ty this 1 more time. I'm curoius to see who uses this, for what, & at what strenght.


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    Others would usually agree <>

    I have been using Superthrive at the rate of a few drops per gal on orchids, bonsai, and other plants for 20 years, about once a week. I think it does help.
    One of the orchid growers did a study & found it helpful. For instance since it is not terribly expensive by the pint, I would just as soon use it. In short roots2 is similar, but it stains terribly, so I only use it outdoors.
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    But check out absolutely nowhere for anything that resembles more than anecdotal reports of the efficacy of this magical elixir.

    Andy Walsh did a fairly long piece some time ago here -- repeated about a year ago on the ABS list -- of the some research background on this stuff, providing ample reasons why it shuold not be used.

    Check our archives for "superthrive" or "s'thrive," or "magic."

    The only proven benefit anyone has gained from S'thrive is to the manufacturer's pocketbook.

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